Paz Rodriguez

Former designer and owner Paz Rodríguez wrote a story that reflects the dream of a visionary and energetic woman, a perfectionist. When she was very young she went from working in a company in her hometown to creating her own designs. These were different times for women, and yet her tenacity and braveness led her to give free rein to her creativity. In 1970 Paz set out on an adventure that was unthinkable in those times. In a tiny workplace she started to make clothes for stores and homes with love and a special personal touch. Her closest collaborators say that as a businesswoman she was different. Everything she had in her head could be made real. She was a woman ahead of her time, with an extraordinary mind and who felt inspiration at any time. Paz left us with the company in motion. She managed to imprint her dream on the people who were lucky enough to work and learn with her. Shop the AW18 collection now at Ollybear.

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